In March of 1991, Master Hwang Hye-seong Opened Jihwaja,

The First Original Royal Cuisine Restaurant in Korea
Jihwaja is a high-class traditional Korean restaurant located in the center of downtown Seoul.
Jihwaja offers royal dishes that in the past were served the royal family.
It has enjoyed a high reputation as the finest Korean restaurant that offers royal cuisine
the essence of the Korean food culture.

Jihwaja reflects the sophisticated ambience of the neighborhood that features a 600-year
Joseon Dynasty history, and it provides an antique interior inspired by royal palaces.
The restaurant is well known for its authentic traditional culinary experience.

Jihwaja serves gourmet course meals including appetizers, main dishes, and desserts,
as well as a variety of traditional foods and liquors, which were served for various royal
banquet. All the dishes represent the essence of the Korean food culture.

The royal dishes offered by Jihwaja are very healthy and nutritious, as they are prepared
with only natural ingredients and royal culinary techniques, without using any MSG,
artificial flavors or additives.

Jihwaja has been and will always be committed to promoting Korea's authentic traditional
food culture across the world through the generations and will make continued efforts
to remain the best royal cuisine restaurant.